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What are the important application industries for bearings

What are the important application industries for bearings? Today, let's take everyone to understand.

1. Energy bearings for mechanical equipment used in mining, mining, and beneficiation plants.

2. High demand bearings for mechanical equipment in power plants, gas turbines, and motor plants. This type of machinery and equipment is often in continuous operation, with large bearing capacity and inconvenient installation and disassembly. Therefore, it is required that the bearing quality be very stable and have wear and compressive strength.

3. Printing and packaging, packaging machinery and equipment, food industry equipment, unique bearings, and outer bevel bearings.

4. Plastics, chemical fiber machinery, plastic film extension, unique bearings, and high-temperature bearings.

5. Fine bearings for toys, clocks, electronic components, audio and video equipment.

6. Textile products, washing and dyeing, shoe making, and tobacco machinery use bearings. This type of bearing is compact, efficient, sturdy, and durable, requiring high transmission ratio and low noise

7. Red wine, beverage equipment, and medical equipment use bearings.

8. Bearings are used for crushing, ceramic machinery, and biotechnology industrial equipment. This type of machine and equipment has a poor working environment, with many injuries such as water mist, heavy moisture in the body, dust, strong oxidants, etc. It is required that the bearing sealing is strong, and the grease is sufficient and reasonable. It is best to add grease appropriately.



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