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The world's most demanding working conditions require the best bearings rarely work in conditions as harsh as those found in metallurgical equipment such as rolling mills, continuous casting machines or converters. These conditions require the bearing to resist high temperature, heavy load, water and dust of the adverse effects. Over the years, we have produced bearings of superior quality, precision and innovative technology to meet the demands of demanding environments and extreme operating conditions. In the metallurgical industry, we are not only a bearing manufacturer, but also a solution provider. The growing range of product models and services enables us to provide customized solutions to our customers. Our products are also selected by the mill manufacturer as the Assembly Assembly. Rolling Mill Roll bearing, can be said to be the heart of the mill. Our work roll bearings, support roll bearings, and thrust bearings are designed to keep the mill running 24 hours a day in extreme conditions. In addition to roller bearings, we can also provide continuous casting machine bearings, converter trunnion bearings and other auxiliary equipment bearings. The continuous casting machine bearing must withstand the high temperature, the cooling water and the dust continual erosion. OUR SPLIT CYLINDER, self aligning roller bearings and standard segment bearings provide excellent solutions for continuous casting applications. BOF trunnion bearings and other auxiliary equipment including flattening machine, finishing machine, uncoiler, coiler, disc shears, and conveyor raceway ensure that we can provide our customers with a comprehensive bearing solution.




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