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With the development of offshore oil and natural gas, the demand of oil refining, ethylene and three synthetic materials is increasing gradually. This requires a large number of oil and gas pipeline gathering and transportation equipment and large-scale and highly efficient petrochemical equipment, with the focus on developing large-scale oil exploration and drilling equipment for deserts and seas, for petrochemical equipment supporting and maintenance of the Sun bearings, mechanical seals and packing static seal and other market demand will have a greater growth. We have developed a series of high-temperature sealed self-aligning roller bearings suitable for harsh environments. This type of bearing features two rubber seals on each side to ensure the safe operation of the bearing raceway in a dust-free environment, prevent Grease leakage, with dust-proof, waterproof, high-temperature high-pressure, heavy load and other advantages, there are open and suitable for specific applications of high-temperature bearings, can be in-40 to + 200 degrees of continuous safe operation, this is an attractive feature of WZA bearings and can not be replaced in many demanding applications.




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